What students say...

Life Coaching

By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, Binta's life coaching has TRANSFORMED my life for the BETTER! MashaAllah, tabarakAllah. And by transformation, I do not mean an instant, new and improved sparkly "you". I mean pure intentions, hard work, planning, remembrance of Allah, falling, making repentance, and getting back up again. This is what her life coaching has done for me and I am better for it, Alhamdulillah.

~Joi F.

I came to know about Al An for U when I was at a low point in my life. Alhamdulillah, Sister Binta has helped me come out of my shell and has motivated me to take care of my health. I started with a free Tadabbur class and now I'm hooked to the services that AA4U offers!


Sister Binta is more than a teacher, she's now a dear friend! Her helpful nature, words of encouragement, reminders and constant motivation has definitely impacted my life for the better Alhamdulillah. I would highly recommend enrolling in any of her classes.

~ Irfana Hathab

Qur'an Appreciation

I didn’t know much about tadabbur before AA4U’s Tadabbur 101 class. I appreciate the opportunity to learn how to ponder upon the Qur’an based on tafseer which helped to build my understanding. Tadabbur 101 is the "ideal" program because it helped to guide me on how to truly reflect upon the beautiful verses that I enjoy reading. I gained much by learning to understand and appreciate surahs that I was mindlessly reciting. The benefit that I got from the reflections and contributions of other Muslim women was no less considerable. Tadabbur 101 has helped me learn a valuable lesson that Quran is not only to memorize and  recite but to be contemplated, appreciated and applied.

~Thilo D.

About us

Al An 4 U Online Coaching is owned and founded by Binta Arty Diop.

Sister Binta, also called Umm Yahya has a Bachelor in Business Administration, a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, fluency in both English and French and over seven years of experience teaching sisters on how to read the Qur'an with Tajwid and connect with the words of Allah Azza Wajal.  She has passed her Tazkiyya in Qur’an with her husband Shaykh Abu Suhaylah of Darul Hadith Institute as well as with Shaykh Ramadan Ali. She also received an Ijaazah in Tajweed and Qur'an from  Sheikh Qasim Muhammad of  Tajwid Institute.

 She has also been coaching sisters for over ten years on how to gain clarity in their lives, manage their thoughts and emotions and make the most of their NOW while connecting with their Maker. 

She is a certified Master Lifecoach and a certified NLP Practitioner. She also trained in the coaching niches of Time Management, REBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, emotional intelligence and relationships. 

She loves to study the beautiful Deen of Al Islam and  is always eager to take the student seat whenever she comes across a class in her field of interest (Qur'an, Hadith, Tadabbur, Tafsir, Fiqh, CBT, NLP, Time management, Life coaching, writing..).  Currently, she is in a long term program of Ta'leem studies as well as working on a Bachelor in Arabic.

Sister Binta is passionate about sharing her learning experience with sisters and has been teaching at several Sunday Schools in the past five years as well as online and at home with Al An 4 U Online Coaching.

Welcome, we are honored to have you here!!

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  • You are seeking to connect better with your Lord
  • You want to gain more clarity about your life and your goals.
  • You want to improve your relationship with your spouse and loved ones in a way that is pleasing to your Lord.
  • You want to learn how to read the Book of Allah Azza Wajal with Tajwid
  • You want to boost your eeman 
  • You want to manage your thoughts and emotions better.

If you resonated with any of the above points then Al An 4 U Online Coaching is definitely a service that can help you with the above points bi idnillah. 

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