Course curriculum

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    Before we begin

    • Review session from Q2 2020 Getting to know Allah

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    Getting to Know HIM

    • Al Ahad and Al Waahid

    • Al Mu'tee

    • Al Haseeb

    • Al Mannaan and gratitude

    • Al Hayyee

    • Al Majeed

    • Al Mubeen

    • Al Awwal and Al Akhiru

    • Adhdhaahiru and Al Baatinu

    • Review and Test

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Al Quddus!

Hady (self paced student)

I watched the recordings of the names of Allah class and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Truly an eeman booster. The class is a game changer and helps me improve my life. I also really love the name Al Quddus ( the pure, the perfect,the blessed and sanctified, free from any impurities and deficiencies). He Alone is perfect. Great reminder. This class is priceless sister Binta, it's helps me so much to become a better person and also helps with my vocabulary 😁😊. Jazzakallahu khayran