Cancellation Policy: REFUND POLICY There are no refunds. 

However, we care about ensuring our clients/students are satisfied and will do our best to help remedy any issues you have with our services. 

CANCELLATION POLICY Classes: One-on-one course students have a 12 hour window prior to the scheduled class time to cancel the class, without the class being counted as a no-show. Two consecutive no-shows will result in the class slot opening to the next available student. Student may have to re-enroll in the course.

Emergency situations outside the students’ control are acceptable absences and will not count as a no-show. Webinars and one-time courses are not subject to cancellations. 

Courses: A two-week written notification is required prior to cancelling a one-on-one course. Webinars and one-time courses are not subject to cancellations. 

TEACHER-STUDENT RELATIONSHIP POLICY Students and Teachers must maintain an Islamic and professional relationship at all times, with honesty, kindness, respect, open communication, and commitment to the course work. Should a student neglect this policy, Al An for U reserves the right to end the student’s services.

 LANGUAGE STUDENTS Required deposit: A deposit of one month’s tuition is due when registering for the first time or when resuming classes after a month's absence. Additional terms and conditions may apply upon contracting our services.