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    Ahlan wa Sahlan wal Marhaba ukhti

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    • Q6 Tadabbur session 10

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    Session 1 to 10

    • Al Humazah

    • Session 2: Al Fil and Quraysh,

    • Session 3: Al Ma’un and Al Kawthar

    • Session 4: Al Kaafirun

    • Session 5: An Nasr

    • Session 6: AlMasad

    • Session 7: Al Ikhlas

    • Session 8: Al Falaq and An-Naas

    • Session 9: Al Faatiha

    • Session 10: Summary/Quizz

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    Step Forward

    • Step forward from sessions 1 to 4

Q7 Tadabbur Class

Study Live or at your convenience

Alhamdulillah!! We are back again with our dear sister Joi Faison Saleem to complete juzz amma this time. It has taken us seven quarters and what an amazingly beautiful journey it has been. May Allah accept. Aameen. Commit to ten beautiful weeks LIVE with us and get reacquainted with the suwar most of us recite in our prayers. Tadabbur is an amazing way to build better concentration in salaah. Time to do good is now. Enroll now! See you soon in class in shaa Allah.