Course curriculum

  • 1

    Get to know As Sitteer

    • As Sitteer

  • 2

    Get to know As Samad

    • As Samad

  • 3

    Get to know At Tayyib

    • At Tayyib

  • 4

    Get to know As Subooh

    • As Subooh

  • 5

    Get to know Al Jawaad

    • Al Jawaad

  • 6

    Get to know As Sayyid

    • As Sayyid part 1

    • AsSayyid (part 2)

  • 7

    Get to know Ad Dayyaan and Al Hakam

    • Ad Dayyan and Al Hakam

  • 8

    Getting to know An Nur

    • An Nur

  • 9

    Getting to know Al Haadi and Al Hafiyy

    • Getting to know Al Haadi and Al Hafiyy


We start December 12, 2020 in shaa Allah!

This is the last LIVE class in shaa Allah on the beautiful names and attributes, make sure you join us! Reviewing the names and attributes of Allah is an amazing experience you don't want to miss!