Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course

    • Welcome ukhti!

  • 2

    Before we begin...

    • Watch this sample before we begin...

  • 3

    Challenge and Theme of the month

    • Challenge of the month!

  • 4

    Names of Allah

    • Getting to know Al Lateef and Al Khabeer

  • 5


    • Suratul Mulk

    • Surah Mulk 2

  • 6

    Q&A sessions

    • Live session January 22nd 2021

  • 7

    Group coaching sessions

    • January 22nd 2021 Live coaching call

  • 8


    • Tajweed Inshiqaq up to 19

  • 9

    Learning Sunnah

    • Sunnan of sleep

  • 10

    Book Club

    • Session 1 on adhkar to repel sadness and anxiety

    • Session 2 on adhkar to repel sadness and anxiety

  • 11

    Bonus challenge

    • Reset and Refocus

    • Your own copy of the trigger list

    • 70 Day countdown to Ramadan Challenge!!!

    • Session 1

    • Session 2

    • Session 3

    • Session 4

    • Session 5 still on Salah- Not going to the Mosque (for men)

    • Session 6 on Zakah

    • Session 7

    • Session 8

    • Session 9

    • Session 10

    • Session 11

    • Session 12

About The Class

The fee is a monthly fee of $27.99 USD. WHAT YOU WILL GET OUT OF THIS MEMBERSHIP BI IDHNILLAH: Every month you get to participate in a challenge that will push your boundaries and help you exit your comfort zone so you excel bi idhnillah. You will also get access to a class on the Names of Allah, a class on Tadabbur, a class on Tajwid and a class on learning the Sunnah. You will also have access to a live group coaching session with me and your fellow club members. During that session, you have the opportunity to be coached or learn from someone else’s coaching and you get to ask your questions on any of the material covered in that particular month. This membership is packed with goodies and beneficial materials. I can not wait for you to join and start growing and caring for yourself in a meaningful way bi idhnillah. May Allah give us all tawfeeq.


This membership club is perfect for you if:

  • You have always wanted to access Al An 4 U Online classes on the Names of Allah, Tadabbur and Tajwid.

  • You want to be coached and don't mind being coached in a group setting, or you want to learn from someone else's coaching once a month.

  • You want to be challenged to exit your comfort zone so you achieve your goals.

  • You want a budget friendly way to meaningfully care for yourself.

  • You want to grow with a community of like minded sisters.

For one on one coaching packages

  • 3 x $207.00

    3 x $207.00Meaningful Self-Care Coaching

    This is a comprehensive coaching package in which you get seven one on one coaching sessions with me along with life changing information and materials.
    Book your coaching sessions now!
  • 2 x $250.00

    2 x $250.00Turn Your Marriage Into Worship!

    This coaching program on Marriage will bi idhnillah provide what you need to know about Marriage in Islam. Every Muslim woman should know what is covered in this course at the very least to make sure her marriage witnesses for her and not against her. Marriages are the main target of Shaytan and our ignorance is his biggest weapon.
    Book your coaching sessions now!