Course curriculum

Practical tutorials and material along with 7 one on one live sessions with Lifecoach Sister Binta

  • 1

    A warm welcome to you dear sister!

  • 2

    Managing my thoughts

    • An Amazing journey awaits you bi idhnillah!

    • Inner Healing Tips (how our brain works)

    • Inner Healing Tips Live session

    • Focus Time

    • Guard your soul

    • Dealing with limiting beliefs and Inner Rules

  • 3

    Managing our Emotions better

    • Walk Through 2

    • Building Emotional Intelligence

    • Get familiar with your emotions

    • Managing the emotion

    • Pain vs Pleasure

    • Forgiveness worksheet

    • Book your session

  • 4

    Why is productivity essential in the life of a believer?

    • First Step: Brain Dumping

    • Coaching session on why organization helps to maximize our potential

    • Coaching session on the importance of khushoo and being present

    • A 1 on 1 session to finalize the objectives achieved with this chapter

  • 5

    How to prioritize your time

    • Spending time on what matters

    • Building your week an hour at a time!

    • Monthly and Weekly scheduling download

    • Time blocking with google calendar

    • 1 on 1 session to finalize the objectives achieved with this chapter

  • 6

    Building a stronger relationship with my Lord

    • Getting to know your Maker and What He Loves

    • Allah loves

    • Unleash your potential with this powerful name!

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    • Getting to know your Prophet (Peace be upon Him)

    • Seerah Session 1

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    • Getting to know the Speech of your Maker

    • How to connect with the speech of your Maker with Tadabbur

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  • 7

    Before you go

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...


It was so helpful!

Haddy Mbye

It was very helpful. I don’t even know what words to use to describe how beneficial it was( please help me with some vocabs ) 😁. It was amazing What resonated with me the most was that I need to stay in the now! ( focus on the now. There is no anxiety nor grief in the now. )This is sooo true! stop 🛑 focusing on the lack. Gratitude helps boost your immune system and helps reduce the feelings of depression. Focusing on your blessings will keep you in a good mood. Reframe unhelpful thoughts with more empowering thoughts. So many gems in the free preview. Can’t thank you enough and I truly appreciate it. Am gonna implement focusing on the now as am always anxious about the future a mean VERY ANXIOUS about the future. But in the free preview, you reminded me that the future is in the hands of Allah and that I have no control over it.

Maa shaa Allah


Masha Allah tabarakAllah amazingly beneficial information, I can just imagine what the full package would be like. Shuuu worth every dime... really beneficial. I enjoyed the simplicity of the content and tools to get us to that happy place. Alhamdulillah...

What students say...

Life Coaching

By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, Binta's life coaching has TRANSFORMED my life for the BETTER! MashaAllah, tabarakAllah. And by transformation, I do not mean an instant, new and improved sparkly "you". I mean pure intentions, hard work, planning, remembrance of Allah, falling, making repentance, and getting back up again. This is what her life coaching has done for me and I am better for it, Alhamdulillah.

~Joi F.

I came to know about Al An for U when I was at a low point in my life. Alhamdulillah, Sister Binta has helped me come out of my shell and has motivated me to take care of my health. I started with a free Tadabbur class and now I'm hooked to the services that AA4U offers!


Sister Binta is more than a teacher, she's now a dear friend! Her helpful nature, words of encouragement, reminders and constant motivation has definitely impacted my life for the better Alhamdulillah. I would highly recommend enrolling in any of her classes.

~ Irfana Hathab

Qur'an Appreciation

I didn’t know much about tadabbur before AA4U’s Tadabbur 101 class. I appreciate the opportunity to learn how to ponder upon the Qur’an based on tafseer which helped to build my understanding. Tadabbur 101 is the "ideal" program because it helped to guide me on how to truly reflect upon the beautiful verses that I enjoy reading. I gained much by learning to understand and appreciate surahs that I was mindlessly reciting. The benefit that I got from the reflections and contributions of other Muslim women was no less considerable. Tadabbur 101 has helped me learn a valuable lesson that Quran is not only to memorize and  recite but to be contemplated, appreciated and applied.

~Thilo D.

Packed with lots of Value!

The value of this package is truly priceless as we can not put a price on feeling better, thinking more clearly and improving our worship and connection with our Lord. However to give you an idea of what you are getting, here is a list of some of the perks in this package: - 7 hours of one on one coaching with a Master Life Coach who has trained in the following fields: Happiness, Emotional Intelligence, Goal Achievement, Confidence, CBT, NLP, Life Purpose, Tadabbur of Qur'an, Fiqh, Qur'an recitation. $525 - Inner Healing course $97 - Focus and Guarding the soul bundle $49 - Productivity and Time Management Bundle $247 - Names of Allah classes (3 sessions) $49 - Seerah classes (2 sessions) $49 - Tadabbur classes (2 sessions) $49 ----------------------------------- $1065 at least in value offered at $497 for a limited time.⏳ --------------------------------- Bonus: Access to our private coaching group and many more goodies.

Attractive Payment Options

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